Chattanooga Choo Choo

Formal Gardens

Nestled among the buildings and bustle of Chattanooga is an oasis of lush gardens that attract and delight visitors from around the globe. Once a busy railway station, now transformed into the Chattanooga Choo Choo, this large vacation complex is flowing with color and texture in its landscape.

Walking around the Choo Choo property, one can see a courtyard surrounded by train cars and the formal gardens.  A wide variety of plant materials are used to entice visitors to the gardens for enjoyment, reflection, or a simple respite from the downtown bustle.

Roses comprise a large part of the formal gardens. With over 500 rose bushes, this splendid outdoor area is a colorful sight to behold from spring through late fall. The rose garden at the Choo Choo is the only rose garden in the state of Tennessee designated as an All American Rose Selection Garden. A Victorian- style gazebo stands within the AARS garden area and features a copper roof with a brass and copper weathervane. This gazebo provides the perfect setting for many weddings and receptions in the formal gardens.

In addition to the formal gardens, three hotel buildings and a convention center vie for attention in their landscaping. Numerous types of evergreens are coordinated with seasonal color and interest. Two outdoor pools are surrounded by various styles of plants to offer a relaxed atmosphere. The dark green shade and smooth leaves of laurel, combined with lavender blooms of crepe myrtle, offer a cool retreat by the pool at Hotel Building Two.

Hotel Building Three provides a blend of flora for an exciting botanical experience. Guests are greeted at the entrance with containers overflowing with vivid hues of chartreuse, plum, lilac, and crimson. Around the corner from the entrance, a large cascading waterfall is the featured attraction of the pool area. The burst of colors and the composition in the vegetation around the pool are both playful and inviting. Azaleas, hydrangeas, mugo pine, and ornamental grasses all play a part in a winding path around the pool and patio areas of the first floor rooms. All upper rooms boast balconies that overlook the waterfall, pool, and pathways.

Located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga, these gardens are a breath of fresh air among the many buildings and streets of the busy city. The flora, fountains, and historic architecture of the old terminal station make this property an enticing destination for travelers and locals alike!

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